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  • [2014-06-20]
    2013 Sales 750 Thousand, Honda Sales Hit Record High On 6 Jan, Honda China publishes its sales figures of Dec 2013 and the entire year. Dec 2013, two joint ventures of Honda—GAC Honda and Dongfeng Honda have sold 101,465 totally, which has hit the record of historical single month sales record. In 2013, Honda achieves 750 thousand sales, which has 25% increases than 2012 sales. It hit the record high.
  • [2014-06-20]
    Beijing Automobile has welcomed its 2 million sales and manufacture milestone recently. As reporter known, sales goal of last year is achieved already. The entire year manufacture and sales are up to 2.1 million, which has increased 23.5% over last year. At present, as long as Ruili River of Yunnan, the first export production base has initialed build. Beijing auto has started its international market journey. It supports Beijing auto to join 1 tier auto camp.
  • [2014-06-20]
    At present, there are at least 70 percent of China's hardware industry to private enterprises, the main force of China's hardware industry. China has gradually become the world's largest metal processing and exporting country, and has become one of the big countries of the world's metal production, has a vast market and consumption potential. 
  • [2014-06-19]
    Depending on what you want to make determines how long the process can take and whether or not prototypes are warranted.  Usually, the process goes something like this:
  • [2014-06-18]
    During first 11 months of 2013, the sales volume of auto industry had achieved 198.6 million and the growth rate was 13.53%. It is estimated the volume would be 220 million and the growth rate would be 15% during the year of 2013. The performance of Chinese auto industry in 2013 was quite satisfied after the micro growth for 2 years. But industry analysts are not all optimistic for the trend of 2014.
  • [2014-06-18]
    Why choose us for injection mold making?Tooling plastic mold making and injection molding advantage 
  • [2014-06-17]
    Many kinds of world-wide applied mould steels are used in our production. And our moulds are major for USA and Europe market. Most mould bases and standard components come from LKM. At the same time, we also can design mould according to customer's requirement, such as DME, HASCO standard. Below are some information for your reference.
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