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New Plastic Electronics Parts in Solar Panel

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A new technique for producing electricity-conducting plastics used in solar panel was developed by Princeton University engineers. It makes the production of plastics that are translucent, malleable and able to conduct electricity effectively happen. This new tech has opened the door to broader use of the materials in a wide range of electrical devices.
As we all know that conductive polymers (plastics) have been around for a long time, but making them to make something useful degraded their ability to conduct electricity. Because when we were making the polymers moldable, their structures are trapped in a rigid form, which prevented electrical current from traveling through them.
The new plastic electronics technology however can maintain high conductivity of conductive plastics. The Princeton engineers developed an innovative way to relax the structure of the molded plastics by treating them with an acid. With this method, they are able to make a plastic transistor that is used to amplify and switch electronic signals in electronics.
Currently, the electricity generated by plastic solar cells is collected by a transparent metal conductor made of ITO (indium tin oxide). Indium tin oxide is a rare and pricey byproduct of mining. Also under increasing demand for use in flat-screen televisions, mobile phones and other devices with display screens, the cost of ITO is skyrocketing. It is urgent to find a replacement for the ITO. The conducting, translucent plastics allow sunlight to pass through them to the materials in solar cells that absorb the light energy. Manufacturing plastic solar cells and replacing ITO as the primary conducting material can greatly low the cost of solar panels.
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