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Germany accounts for a quarter of EU injection molding

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Germany's plastics industry accounts for more than a quarter of all injection molding in the European Union and is currently demonstrating "modest growth", according to a report from Applied Market Information Ltd.
Bristol, England-based AMI says Germany's injection molding industry has managed to keep its head above water, despite the Eurozone's economic problems, growing at less than 1 percent per year on average in the five year period between 2007-2012.
"Although not exactly a stellar performance, it has outperformed most other European markets," says the research group.
Demand has recovered because of a pickup in exports, especially automotive.
Nearly half — 44 percent — of the polymer injection molded in 2012 was polypropylene. The rest was made up of polyethylene (16 percent), nylon (9 percent), ABS/SAN (9 percent), polystyrene (6 percent) and others (16 percent).
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