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Large precision plastic mold into trends in market getting better

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Mold is known as the mother of industrial products, industrial products, who did all the mold was able to rely on the scale of production, the rapid expansion of the U.S. and Europe and other developed countries as the "magnetic industry." As the mold of social production and the tremendous role in promoting the national economy and its high value-added, the world's mold market developed rapidly. Plastic mold innovation and other industrial new product development is closely related with the vigorous development of electronic information industry and information technology transformation of traditional industries, plastic mold market prospects for a broad, global luxury, precision plastic mold market is in short supply situation.
Plastic mold and pillar industries in the high-tech driven applications, driven by the formation of a huge industrial chain, from upstream industrial and materials processing and testing equipment to the downstream machinery, auto, home appliances, electronic communications, building materials, etc. several applications industry, plastic mold development in the ascendant.
In recent years, China's plastic mold manufacturing level has been greatly improved: the production of a single set of large plastic mold weight has reached more than 50t; precision plastic mold precision has reached 3 microns; multi-cavity plastic molds capable of producing a mold 7800 cavity plastic mold; speed extrusion molds capable of producing more high speed of 4m/min plastic profile extrusion die and the main profile double-lumen extrusion dies.
From the means of production in terms of mold companies rate of CNC equipment has been greatly improved, CAD / CAE / CAM technology has been greatly extended surface, high-speed processing and RP / RT and other advanced technologies have been increasingly used , the use of standard mold and die commercialization coverage rates are already dramatically increased, the proportion of hot runner mold has improved greatly.
In addition, foreign-funded enterprises to further promote the vigorous development of plastic mold design and manufacturing standards and corporate management level.
However, Luo Hui pointed out that domestic mold companies in the development process are also exposing some of the issues, namely, small-scale, two technical low, three are involved in the field narrow, four is related industries affect driving ability is not.
Luo Baihui that the overall effectiveness of domestic mold industry has yet to play the best level, the name of the country the basic role of the economy is not yet clear, in order to reverse the above situation, the domestic mold manufacturing to play a greater influence in the international market, we must strengthen all industry technology and the integration of resources.
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