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A New Stage of China is Plastic Mould Industry

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Chinese auto plastic mould has entered a new stage with features and characters: professional, standardized and international.
There is much evidence to show that china has ranked the first in the world plastics consumption. But it’s per consumption s are just one-seventh of the industrialized counties. On the one hand there are still disparities and deficiencies; on the other hand it also reflects that there still exists a huge development space for Chinese plastic industry and plastic mold industry.
So the development of our plastic mold industry must be based on the important project in our country: to develop the precise injection mold, panel dies and large-scale injection mold; to take some measures to facilitate the merger and reorganization of enterprises; developing new products and accelerating the update of product, etc. If these measures are adopted, china will reduce the gap with developed country, and which will encourage sustainable development in Chinese plastic industry.
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