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2013 Sales 750 Thousand, Honda Sales Hit Record High

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2013 Sales 750 Thousand, Honda Sales Hit Record High On 6 Jan, Honda China publishes its sales figures of Dec 2013 and the entire year. Dec 2013, two joint ventures of Honda—GAC Honda and Dongfeng Honda have sold 101,465 totally, which has hit the record of historical single month sales record. In 2013, Honda achieves 750 thousand sales, which has 25% increases than 2012 sales. It hit the record high.
According to statistics, from Sept 2013, Honda sales in China keeps hit single monthrecord high. In Sept, it sold 73,990; Oct sales were 75,150, the figure of Nov was 83,013, Dec exceeds Nov as well. Honda keeps 4 months sales stable growth.
Honda sales of 2013 are quite eye-catching. It is contributed by FUNTEC technology strategy. From June 2013, Honda China cooperates with GAC Honda and Dongfeng Honda to initial “FUNTEC” marketing activity. It extends new technology, new modes into reality. Crider, Jade and 9th generation Accord etc. are geared with FUNTEC technology.
Besides, Honda announces to found Honda Technology Research (China) Co., Ltd. The new company has local research, purchase plan, manufacture support, IT support, and general product plan etc. functions. It is driven by product development for Chinese customers. It will introduce more products into Chinese market. As it known, Honda will introduce another 9 cars into Chinese market in the next 2 years to extend its product line. With product matrix development, it is expected 1.3 sales annual before 2015.
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