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Mold the overall market trend is stable up

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At present, there are at least 70 percent of China's hardware industry to private enterprises, the main force of China's hardware industry. China has gradually become the world's largest metal processing and exporting country, and has become one of the big countries of the world's metal production, has a vast market and consumption potential. 
According to gold mold CEO Luo Baihui tool market demand worldwide is growing.Europe, North America increased stability, especially in Eastern Europe, a slight rebound in Asian markets, market potential, significant growth of Latin American countries, the market, particularly Mexico. In this regard, in the past year, the reason why tool market demand growth is slow, mainly due to an increase in tool life, and then request for the entire manufacturing process to replace the machine tool and tool.Applications increased, instead of the simple tool of the past, single-function and multi-functional tool.  
Luobai Hui said that the future users will be more emphasis on research and development of the production plant on the tool, not only in the field of materials and surface coating technology, but also in the cutting tool products and their production process, focusing on production practices that will help the tool manufacturer to increasethey are familiar with the field of market competitiveness.  
Technology updates, carbide cutting tools gradually replaced by high-speed steel cutting tools, circular tool. The application of coated tools is becoming increasingly common in Europe, high-speed processing of new cutting tool market share is growing. The dynamic of the manufacturers. Combination of many large companies from the way view of the tool manufacturer in the market of high-tech field.  
The domestic market for high-grade die in great demand, according to Luo Baihui forecast, the "12th Five-Year" period, the general trend of the Plastic injection mould market steadily, but requested that the domestic mold must meet customer needs in quality, delivery and other aspects. Moreover, the appliance, automotive, plastics industry, the mold needs.International markets in recent years, industrial countries, labor costs increase, the positive developing countries, especially Southeast Asian countries transfer. Its domestic production of high precision molds, manual labor input, the large amount of mold to rely on imports.  
Therefore, the middle and low mold international market potential is huge. As long as the quality of domestic mold can be improved, the delivery time to ensure that the mold for export prospects are very optimistic. In addition, the standard mold of the international market demand. At present, only a small amount of exports.  
Wave of economic integration in the new world of global manufacturing to accelerate the transfer to the mainland China is the trend, China will gradually develop into a world-class manufacturing base. Obvious advantages in Guangdong, especially the Pearl River Delta region, will be developed within a decade to become the world center of mold. At the same time, due to the recent years, China's annual imports of nearly $ 1 billion molds, precision, large-scale, complex, long-life mold the majority, so starting from the perspective of reducing imports, such high-grade mold, hardware tools in the market share proportion will gradually increases. The future, China's mold and hardware tools industry has also ranked the highest in the world.
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