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Work process in YEYE Plastic

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Step 5: Quality control (QC) during production.
During the mould production, all production stages are on the Quality Management department supervision. All mold parts from external suppliers goes through quality control. We are using standard measuring equipment and 2.5D Optical Measuring Table, Shore and Brinell Hardness Meters.

Work process in YEYE PlasticStep 6: Trial and adjustments.
We have our own Injection Molding Machines which makes moulds trial process fast and easy. After trial phase we will send you initial samples (usually called "T1 samples") and than we will make adjustments if needed.

Work process in YEYE PlasticStep 7: Final treatment and trial.
After you get T1 samples, you can study part dimensions, quality of the samples surface, try to assembly your parts and so on. If need we can make some changes in your part in accordance with your requirements. After the final treatment we will try your mould once again and than we will send you new samples.

Step 8: Shipment.
When the right result will be reached, mold will be shipped. We will include important spare parts (seals, ejectors, etc), mold passport with mould drawings. Our standard package for overseas delivery is wet proof wooden case.

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