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Work process in YEYE Plastic

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Work process in YEYE PlasticStep 1: Your idea or drawings.
Before start mould production we have to know very well what does customer need, what kind of plastic or aluminium part do you need to produce. We accept your idea in words, sketch, any kind of 2D drawings, various 3D formats, samples, etc.We need to ensure the mould is "mouldable" and offer our advice to design.

Work process in YEYE PlasticStep 2: Part design.
With our international team, YEYE PLASTIC has the expertise to assist you in the final stages of your part design. We provide manufacturability check up, melt flowing check up and so on to guarantee low parts and mold production cost and troubles mold operation. You will get our suggestion clearly in written form with pictures. We will show you location of injection points, parting lines, etc. If needed, we can pro-vide samples from 3D-printer.

Work process in YEYE PlasticStep 3: Mold design.
According to your specification, we will design the mould. After designing we will provide you 2D assembly drawings and 3D drawings.

Step 4: Mold production.Work process in YEYE Plastic
During the production stage, we will send you regular updates of process status and process photos.

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