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Why choose YEYE PlASTIC?

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1.  Reply your injection mold and plastic molding parts RFQ in 12 hours guaranteed. Reply your RFQ in four hours on our working time. 

2.  Most of engineers have more than ten years in our company, also we have mold trial manager just for mold trial with more than ten years experience. Most of mold makers in our company served more than ten years. We have the incentive system to encourage the employees who worked in good quality and high efficiency as well as suggestion for company improvement.  

3.  Located in Dongguan China the boundary between Dongguan and Shenzhen.It’s about 45minutes by drive to Air port.

4.  In order to meet the requirement of customer's rapid product innovation, we supply some samples via the process of “Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing”. 

5.  More than 10 years just for  injection mold making and molding service for USA,Germany,France,Spain and Europe market, well known the DME and HASCO injection mold standard. 

6.  Build the customers’ injection mold making standard document, save the time of that customer to explain mold specification each time.  

7.  Project engineers who has well mold and engineering technique working together with customer for each project. All of the project engineer have more than 5 years mold design engineering experience, most of injection mold project engineers have mold making experience.  

8.  Service from the product design, prototype making, mold making and molding assembly to package and shipping.  
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