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  • [2014-08-27]
    We’re one of the manufacturers specialized in the rubber/plastic moulds (Die casting & blow mould) and rubber/injection mouldings and so on. our ongoing commitment to strict quality assurance ,competitive price and on time delivery of your products and better manufacturing systems give us distinct advantages over similar products from other manufacturers. 
  • [2014-06-27]
    MEDICA is the center of attraction for all those involved in the health care industry. Over 130,000 visitors from 120+ countries are expected to again obtain information on all the current and future trends in in-patient and out-patient care at this annual event. With its numerous special events, newly-restructured international conference and forum program, not to mention the largest and most comprehensive product display in the industry, MEDICA is the hub of the worldwide medical trade.
  • [2014-06-25]
    A new technique for producing electricity-conducting plastics used in solar panel was developed by Princeton University engineers. It makes the production of plastics that are translucent, malleable and able to conduct electricity effectively happen. This new tech has opened the door to broader use of the materials in a wide range of electrical devices.
  • [2014-06-24]
    Germany's plastics industry accounts for more than a quarter of all injection molding in the European Union and is currently demonstrating "modest growth", according to a report from Applied Market Information Ltd.
  • [2014-06-23]
    Mold is known as the mother of industrial products, industrial products, who did all the mold was able to rely on the scale of production, the rapid expansion of the U.S. and Europe and other developed countries as the "magnetic industry." As the mold of social production and the tremendous role in promoting the national economy and its high value-added, the world's mold market developed rapidly. Plastic mold innovation and other industrial new product development is closely related with the vigorous development of electronic information industry and information technology transformation of traditional industries, plastic mold market prospects for a broad, global luxury, precision plastic mold market is in short supply situation.
  • [2014-06-21]
    Chinese auto plastic mould has entered a new stage with features and characters: professional, standardized and international.
  • [2014-06-20]
    1.what is the YEYE PLASTIC?YEYE PLASTIC is a Custom Plastic Injection Molder.2.what services do you supply for me?
    YEYE PLASTIC supply integrated service, which includes “Optimum Product Design”, “Mold Design”, “Mold Manufacture”, “Mold Trial Control”, “ Molding Production”,  “Painting”, “Pad & Silk Printing” and “Final Assembly”,etc.
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